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Private Lessons

Many times, students think they need private lessons to “get good at yoga” before joining our classes. We can assure you that there is nothing further from the truth. Our classes are designed for you to moderate the intensity, move at your own pace, and take care of your personal limitations.

However, sometimes individuals want the privacy of a private lesson to practice ways they can cater their postures and yoga flow to be medicine for their own unique body- with their limitations, injuries, and endurance level taken into special consideration.

Other times, they would like to practice one of our classes one-on-one and receive individual feedback about their technique from an instructor.

Our main goal with private lessons is to instill confidence in the student to allow them to rejoin our group classes.

Our instructors are diversely certified and extremely talented. Many have multiple certifications and are excited to help you on your yoga journey. If you have a specific instructor in mind when you call to book your private lesson, please be sure to let us know.

Private Individual Pricing

We offer small packages vs. single classes in order to truly develop a solid foundation on your practice.

Price: $300
Number of Participants: 10 Lessons
Price: $550

Semi-Private Group Pricing - 5 Lessons, 1 hour each

Bring a small group of friends to your private lesson and support each other!

Number of People: 2 People
Price: $225 each
Number of People: 3 People
Price: $200 each
Number of People: 4 People
Price: $175 each