Inside Our Studio – Casa Yoga

Inside Our Studio

Casa Yoga offers two state-of-the-art studios:

  • The Heated Yoga Studio
  • The Fusion Studio
  • Take a virtual tour of our facility, or call us to schedule your in-person tour before your first FREE class.

Why the Hot Room?

  • Accelerates Your Flexibility: Allows the body to stretch safely.
  • Promotes Detox: Helps burn fat more effectively by boosting metabolism and melting away water weight in sweat.
  • Vasodilates the Body: Dilates our capillaries to boost the “oxygenation” of all our cells — tissues, muscles, organs, etc.
  • Cardio without Impact: Boosts circulation and gets the heart rate up.
  • Boosts immunity: Enhances our immune system by slightly elevating the temperature of the body, which increases T-cell functioning.
  • Promotes Stress Management: Elevates the functioning of the nervous system and decreases anxiety by relaxing the body.