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About ERP Logic

Who is ERP Logic?

ERP Logic is a global SAP® cloud-based solutions company. We provide Software, implementation and application services. Our target markets are mid-sized companies as well as subsidiary and joint venture operations of large enterprises who are looking to deploy a two tier ERP solution strategy of SAP® ECC for large operations and cloud–based solutions for smaller business units.

Our solutions enable our customers to thrive in a global market by providing cost-effective, powerful and fully integrated SAP® cloud-based enterprise solutions. We provide customers end-to-end process management within and between organizations to perform like one company globally. We also help companies maximize their IT investment with services to adapt and respond to changes in their business environment to accelerate operational efficiencies.

Unlike other SAP® resellers and implementation partners we focus on the cloud. We have the technical expertise and knowledge required to optimize SAP® Business ByDesign® solution implementations on a local or global scale. Our company has the largest team of SAP® Business ByDesign® certified consultants worldwide, has deep knowledge of global processes and has over 25 developers devoted to leveraging SAP® Business ByDesign® innovations with solution extensions.

  • SAP® ACE award winner for Best Implementation Partner – 2014
  • Over 150 years of combined ECC business expertise
  • First SAP® Cloud Partner - USA 2009
  • First SAP® Cloud Partner - INDIA 2011

ERP Logic History

ERP Logic was the first reseller partner for SAP® Business ByDesign® cloud solution, and ERP Logic remains among the top three (3) SAP® reseller partners for SAP® Business ByDesign® in the world. Started in the US in 2009 and India in 2011, our company has grown to approximately 200 employees and has offices in Europe and the Middle East, with an Asia expansion planned in 2016. ERP Logic LLC and its affiliates are privately held, profitable, and growing.

The principals of ERP Logic have a long and successful history as SAP partners focused on ECC deployments with an impressive customer list. Moreover, many of these customer relationships have been in place for years. Our engagement in the ECC and now the S4HANA markets provides valuable capabilities and insight to our customers – especially customers looking to adapt a two tier ERP Strategy. Read more about our services in the ECC, S4HANA.

The company’s success has been recognized by SAP® with the Partner of the Year award twice, along with additional technical recognitions. ERP Logic differentiates itself from competition with:

  • The largest pool of consultants trained on SAP® Business ByDesign®
  • A growing portfolio of high-value solution extensions, expanding the capabilities of SAP® Business ByDesign®. These extensions include functional capabilities like Sales Commissions and a growing catalogue of adapters to integrate SAP® Business ByDesign® with complementary software solutions.
  • Our global reach and experience.
  • A growing portfolio of ERP Logic solutions that add and extend functionality of SAP Business ByDesign, localization and Integration solutions. See ERP Logic Solution portfolio

  • 15+ ERP Logic Solutions
  • 140+ SAP® Consultant
  • 25+ Dedicated Developers
  • 150 Certified SAP® Professionals

Management Team

Caldwell Velnambi

Founder, CEO of ERP Logic

Caldwell Velnambi has spent his entire career immersed in the IT industry, particularly enterprise resource planning, for over 20 years.

Robert W. Frey

Vice President of Business Development

Robert (Bob’) Frey is an alumnus of the Consumer Products (CP) Industry with over 20 years experience including consulting work with Coca-Cola and leadership positions with SAP® as Principal in CP.

Vijayan Venkataraman

Director of Products and Solutions

Vijayan Venkataraman leads ERP Logic’s long term technology vision and is responsible for Research and Development, Product and Solution Design and Architecture.

Sushil Banubakode

Vice President – Strategy, Service Delivery and Operations

Sushil Banubakode brings more than 25 years of experience in IT consulting and management of Applications and IT Infrastructure. He worked at Accenture for 10 years consulting for large corporations such as TI, Siemens, 3com and American Express among others.

Harish Toppae

Director of Presales

Harish Toppae, as Director of Presales, is responsible for working with potential customers to understand their challenges and determine how best to solve them.

Baskar Velu

Director – SAP® Business ByDesign® Delivery (ERP Logic - India)

From the day he ventured into IT as a professional, he started thriving for prowess with the opportunities that came on the way.

Sivaneswaran Sockanathan

Mr. Sivaneswaran formerly from Bank Utama (M) Bhd with vast experience in credit assessment, finance, banking , strategy execution , performance management and risk management.

Vijay Srinivas Rajan

Director – Business Development & Mobile Solutions

A versatile young visionary and a tenacious leader, Vijay or VJS takes pride in spearheading businesses in emerging technologies as part of his entrepreneurial spirit.

Vetrivel Sadasivam

Vetrivel (vetri) has over 25 years of experience in managing overall Accounting, Finance Control & Management in diverse industries such as Telecom, Transmission Line Tower Manufacturing and Textile.

Suresh Babu

With application development as second nature, Suresh as mentor and coach, is responsible to build a team of developers to meet the challenges.

Lorella Pedinotti

Partner and Business Development

Lorella is highly energized and works with passion and enthusiasm. She believes that strong relationship builds trust and ensures ERP Logic’s growth and progress.

Frederik van Ruijven

Managing Director ERP Logic EUROPE

Frederik is accountable for the general coordination of Marketing, Sales, Relationship with SAP® and project activities in Europe.

Nico Noort

Manager Business Development EUROPE

Nico Noort is a senior professional in the area of Cloud Computing with more than 10 years of experience in advising, selling and implementing SaaS Solutions.