ERP Logic Services ERP Logic offers a number of high value Services that complement the Implementation consulting services incorporated into deployments of SAP® Business ByDesign® and ERP Logic developed solutions. These are recapped below....

ERP Logic Services

ERP Logic offers a number of high value Services that complement the Implementation consulting services incorporated into deployments of SAP® Business ByDesign® and ERP Logic developed solutions. These are recapped below.

Implementation / Consulting

ERP Logic’s certified SAP® Cloud project managers and solution architects will work with your business users to get your company live and running in no time. Our team of professionals includes accountants, supply chain managers, and developers. Unlike many other implementation partners, we empower our clients by partnering together on the configuration design and execution, so that your key users understand the configuration decisions and their impact on how transactions power through the system to the general ledger.

Our proven implementation methodology includes the following:

  • Business Process Review
  • Design Specification
  • Solution Configuration
  • Data Migration
  • User Training
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Cut-over & Go-Live

Implementation / Consulting Clients:

Custom Development Services

What do you do when SAP® Business ByDesign® does not fully meet your needs out-of-the-box?

We deliver customer-specific extensions, developed add-ons, and industry vertical products to close the “Last Mile Gaps” in SAP® Business ByDesign®. ERP Logic has a team of resources originally from SAP® Labs that helped design and build SAP® Business ByDesign®. This team is exceptionally well qualified to counsel customer on how to get the most value from customization efforts.

Custom Development Service Clients:

Review and Remediation Services

Many existing Business ByDesign® customers (not originally our clients) implemented the system without a full understanding of the downstream impact of the initial configuration and scoping decisions. Or they added business processes which can be done in SAP® Business ByDesign® – but they need an experienced team to guide them in the decisions regarding how to implement or adapt the system to best fit the requirements. Often there are some initial scoping or configurations that need to be revised. Or a report can be developed to meet management requirements. Perhaps existing staff do not understand the system setup, and require training and support.

ERP Logic has an extensive history of assisting such customers. Our team consists of accountants, developers, and functional experts. We can and do make SAP® Business ByDesign® work better for such customers. We find the work satisfying – and our clients are very happy to have the understanding and knowledge needed to use SAP® Business ByDesign® as it was intended.

We can help to provide an analysis of your current system; workshops to discover pain points and requirements – and then bring the right people to the table to quickly make the changes needed, provide the training / understanding to your team – so that the system is performing at its peak to provide you with the information you need to run your business efficiently and effectively.

Localization Services

SAP® has provided SAP® Business ByDesign® to fulfill the tax, statutory reporting and compliance requirements of countries that represent about 80% of the world’s GDP. ERP Logic being one of the leader in the Localization of SAP® Business ByDesign® is catering the needs at other countries.

Localization Service Clients:

Support Services

The business environment is always changing and triggers demands for new or expanded capabilities from your ERP system. Acquisitions, spinoffs, and restructuring can all drive the need for IT to respond with new capability. Moreover, SAP® issues four releases of SAP® Business ByDesign® every year. Realizing the business benefits from adapting this new functionality can drive real value.

ERP Logic offers a range of Support Services to help you be more responsive to the needs of your business. Examples of our Services

  1. Full Account Management Services (AMS)
    • Time and materials arrangement
    • Full outsourcing of application maintenance
  2. Review configuration – limited scope engagement
  3. Implement additional functionality – project defined by SOW

These Services can be packaged with several payments plans ranging from simple Time and Materials contracts, to a variety of subscription arrangements.

Small change or major new functionality, ERP Logic is here to adapt SAP® cloud products to your evolving business needs. We will help optimize both your business processes and system so you can make use of the full solution capabilities.

Support Service Clients:

Data Migration Service Offerings

Successful migration of your master data from your legacy environment to your new cloud- based solution is critical for a successful go-live. Companies often overlook or underestimate the effort required to successfully migrate their data and can put the go-live timing at risk. ERP Logic has experience with clients large and small, and can assist your company in this initiative.

ERP Logic can ensure you achieve your target go-live by assisting you with your data migration.
We offer a range of services:

  • An assessment of your current environment to identify any hurdles to a successful migration – consulting advice
  • We have tools and templates developed based on client experience to help you with the migration – staff augmentation or outsourcing the process
  • We can use an on/off shore model to perform key tasks.

As an example, we can support your migration using Excel templates to upload data as well as manual entry. We can help you migrate data from your source systems including: financial system, treasury system, HR system, etc. We support you with best practices to:

  1. Determine data needed in SAP® Business ByDesign® based on your business processes
  2. Decide whether the data should be manually or systemically migrated
  3. Map legacy data to the SAP® Business ByDesign® fields and migration templates,
  4. Determine the sequence of importing the data,
  5. Test the templates prior to migration and resolve any issues, and
  6. Coordinate preparation of the accounting cut-over templates given go-live goals.

Data Migration Service Clients:


ERP Logic is here to provide help and educate your team on business processes and software functionality since user adoption is critical for a successful implementation. We are available through virtually or in person in addition to the online material available in SAP® Cloud.


The volume of testing required for a successful go-live can often by overwhelming! ERP Logic can augment customer teams locally and offshore to provide additional bandwidth when needed.