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We have one of the largest teams of technical experts devoted to developing and growing our large portfolio of high-value software solutions that address “last-mile” gaps of SAP® Business ByDesign®. These solutions fall into four categories


  • Add on Solutions - Add new functionality to the existing solution of SAP® Business ByDesign®
  • Integration Solutions - This is a portfolio of adaptors the lower the cost/complexity of integrating SAP® Business ByDesign® to other SAP® and Third Party applications.
  • Solution Extensions - These extend the standard SAP® Business ByDesign® functionality with options such as data imports for mass updates, custom UI controls so that different business users see different screens, etc .
  • Localization Solutions - ERP Logic is among the leaders in the SAP® ecosystem, building and licensing localization solutions to enable SAP® Business ByDesign® to meet taxation and regulatory requirements in countries where this capability is not provided by SAP®.