There are four types of Colored contact lenses: visibility tints, opaque color tints, enhancement tints, and light-filtering tints.

Visibility Tints

Simply helps one see the contacts if they are dropped. While it may seem as though the contact has a light green or blue tint, it really won’t affect the color of your eyes.

Enhancement Tints

This solid, but translucent color enhances your existing eye color.. These lenses suit those customers who have eyes, which are light in color and aspire to emphasize the natural eye color.

Opaque Color Tints

Opaque and tinted are the most commonly used types of colored contact lenses. The opaque lenses do not admit much light through to the original color of the eyes as the colored surfaces of the lenses cover the entire eye. These lenses suit those who want to change eye color completely.

Light-Filtering Tints

These perform as sunglasses and are ideal for sports. Often the yellow of tennis balls or the white of golf balls are slightly enhanced with this lens. A number professional baseball player, golfers, trap-shooters and skiers wear the “Maxsight” brand.

Many of these colored contact lenses are available in no prescription as well as with special prescription to fit people who have astigmatism, bifocal correction, or who merely desire a disposable or frequent replacement contact lens.