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Operational performance

Software engages your workforce, increases discipline and enables continuous improvement.


When a management system or improvement project is complete, it often lacks the desired impact because the appropriate tools to track, manage and integrate information are not available to support ongoing operational discipline and continuous improvement.

Experience has shown us that data managed in a myriad of SharePoint sites and Excel spreadsheets, across multiple locations and teams, makes aggregation of information nearly impossible. This makes it challenging to effectively embed the desired change throughout the organization.

As a result, ownership is not adopted by operations and the organization doesn’t change its behavior or improve; in fact it has the reverse effect, promoting ambivalence and avoidance.

OCTANE™ addresses all of these challenges. Once the design and implementation work is complete, you are left with a tool that enables and sustains the management system or program, helping you increase operational discipline and enable continuous improvement.

“I’m glad we have this tool (Octane). I can’t imagine doing these assessments with a spreadsheet.”
Mark Gorman, EVP Engineering and Operations, Plains All American

OCTANE™ is a software as a service (SaaS) solution that can be customized to meet the unique needs of your organization. Based on your requirements we will find the most optimum way for SPAN to support you through your implementation of OCTANE™ and develop pricing accordingly. We offer three licensing options: Enterprise, Framework and Benchmark.