FAQs – Wild Pitch Sports Bar and Grill
Because the menu is always changing and we frequently improve items by using new ingredients it is impossible to provide a complete list. For your safety please avoid any foods which may typically contain allergens that would affect your condition.
We would love to hear from you! All you need to do is hop on our Facebook or Yelp and write your review there! We will select new testimonials to be uploaded to our website periodically.
For itemized receipts within 90 days, please contact the manager of the location you visited. Please enter visit the Contact Us page to find the manager’s contact information.
For signed copies of credit/debit card receipts, you will need to contact the bank that issued the card to obtain a copy. Your bank card should have a toll-free customer service number on the back you may call for assistance.
Our company strives to help as many organizations as we can and is always looking for impactful ways to support the communities in which we operate. Our resources are limited, so donation requests are reserved for non-profit, charitable organizations that align with our core values.
We are a sports bar, so fanciness is not mandatory. However, shoes, shirts and some form of pants are required. We know our waitresses wear lacy bottoms and outfits to carry out our signature service, but this is reserved for them! Ladies, unless you are part of our team, the above requirements go for you as well!