Cavazos Architects – A Leader in Educational Architecture

The average person will spend a substantial portion of their lives within the walls of educational institutions. These schools, libraries, colleges and universities shape student perspectives and leave lasting impressions on their identity and experience. Cavazos Architects has designed a staggering number of these buildings in Laredo, Texas; creating spaces that are functional, sustainable, and pleasant to experience. The methodology influences, and evolution of this architectural discipline may be surprising. Style and safety play a pivotal role in the way these buildings are designed.

The Cavazos team has been charged with creating compelling designs that bring a fresh perspective to the standard and institutional style of educational facilities many are used to seeing. Cavazos Architects has met these challenges by creating safe and secure buildings that can inspire students and welcome visitors alike.

Among one of the team’s more recent and notable projects is the design of the new JW Nixon High School. The modern indoor/outdoor design features a U-shaped concept, complete with an inner courtyard. “The idea was to bring the outside in, creating a sense of space and functionality for the students, administrators and teachers”, says Memo Cavazos. Cavazos Architects continues to shape and inspire the minds and lives of students everyday by following a simple motto as a reminder for what these buildings can do –

“We shape our buildings; there after they shape us.”

– Winston Churchill