Cavazos Architects finds inspiration through International Influences

Michelangelo, Antoni Gaudi, and countless others have made their mark on history through the architecture of grand buildings. Their masterpieces stand the test of time and serve as sources of inspiration and technique. They are recognized as masters in their trades and have continued to influence the technical and aesthetic designs we see today. As experts in the art of architecture, Cavazos Architects has always valued the opportunity to immerse themselves in art and history from around the world. They have drawn greatly from European and Mexican influences, thus making it a part of their style.

These international influences can be seen in many of Cavazos’ designs. Over the years, Projects have included commercial, education, residential, religious, & civic projects of various scopes and sizes. Among them are one-of-a- kind designs for LISD, UISD, Laredo Community College, and Texas Community Bank. Other unique and recognizable designs include Border Foundry, Hal’s Landing, the LNB Plaza (now BBVA), The University of Texas at San Antonio Health Science Center Laredo Campus Extension, the Tuscany Luxury Townhomes and Commercial Center, the original St. Patrick’s Church, and the UDAG (Urban Downtown Action Grant) project which included street improvements & converted the original City Hall building into a “Mercado.”