About Us

Community Service Management offers physical management, administrative management and financial management as well as concierge services for the communities we manage.

Community Service Management was established to focus on the need for professional property management with an emphasis on exceptional  service to homeowners, investors, vendors, and tenants of residential communities. We are a full service homeowner association management company servicing the needs of our homeowners. Community Service Management provides a level of service that is unparalleled.

Company Profile

Community Service Management was established in 2014.  The principal ownership is comprised of home builders and developers who understand the need for a customer service oriented management philosophy.  Our goal is to provide our homeowners and developers unrivaled service that goes beyond the typical community management service menu.  We offer physical management, administrative management and financial management as well as concierge services for the communities we manage.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide exceptional service to homeowners, expert management to our developers and builders, and a fulfilling career to our employees.

Vision and Culture Statement

Community Service Management strives to model a Godly Corporation by serving our customer’s needs as exemplified by the True Servant, Jesus Christ.

Therefore, Our Management team members are servants to our employee’s, and our employees are servants to their customers. “Biblical values are at the core of our business -from closing stores on Sundays so that our customers and associates have time for family and worship to opening our day to day meetings and operations with prayer for the Lord’s guidance and favor. Our Members commit to applying the Golden Rule when forming policy and discussing operational issues and when required, will seek legal counsel mutually acceptable to the Managers and agree to Arbitration rather than Litigation.

Biblical principles and character are the highest quality traits we seek in management and our dedicated employee’s. We value racial, ethnic and cultural diversity and respect the right of all employees to maintain a personal belief or faith while they in turn respect, practice and adhere to the basic principles and policies that guide Community Service Management’s culture.

Community Service Management will strive to demonstrate care for our dedicated-employees by creating ownership for our workforce and investing in their personal, spiritual and professional growth.We will seek to “optimize” rather than “maximize” profits by operating under biblical principles; taking into account customer loyalty, fair and just service and the ability to positively impact our community.Community Service Management Company commits to steward the resources entrusted to us without exploiting their sources, producing a fair return for our investors and returning a tithe to God for their use.