Community Services Management provides innovative solutions and services to its Home Owner Associations. Whether it’s physical, financial, or administrative management, CSM provides home owner associations the necessary tools to maintain their neighborhoods and protect their property values.

Physical Management

Community Service Management offers a full array of physical management services to its Home Owner Associations.  We manage all contractors, assist in the enforcement of Architectural Controls, Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions, and provide maintenance for all common areas and gates. We interface with city, county, and state agencies, such as the police and fire departments, claims adjusters, and neighborhood watch groups, on as needed basis. CSM reports regularly to your board of directors and conducts frequent community reviews. We work with homeowners to ensure that your community is well maintained and that your property values are protected.

Financial Management

CSM recognizes the importance of collecting homeowners dues. We understand that this revenue is critical in maintaining your community and protecting its homeowner’s property values.  Community Services Management provides convenient methods for homeowners to pay their dues.  We create and send statements according to HOA’s requirements. We collect, deposit, and account for all dues and assessments. Our team processes and handles all delinquencies. CSM assists the HOA in managing it funds by creating budgets, disbursing funds for expenses at the direction of the board, and negotiating with vendors and contractors. We create and deliver financial reports on a timely basis for our boards and assist them in distributing this valuable information to the homeowners.  We assist our associations in preparing financial reports and filings to governmental entities and serve as a liaison as needed.

Administrative Services

Community Services Management handles all homeowner and realtor resale inquiries. We prepare agendas for and attend board meetings. Our team assists our boards in legal matters. We host training, seminars, and workshops for HOA boards.  We assist in the recruitment of HOA board members. CSM negotiates and manages all vendors and contractors. We host all important HOA documents and distribute notices as requested by the board. CSM provides support for marketing and community activities. We monitor local, state and federal news and legislative communications for pertinent information that may impact our associations and its homeowners. Community Services Management is constantly searching for innovative ways to improve the communities we serve.