Art Saving, Collecting and Education

Art Saving, Collecting and Education

Dearest Art Lover,

Whether you collect works of Art, or create Masterpieces, I say thank you, because you are doing your part at keeping Art alive!

You are encouraging artists to create, putting an end to the term “Starving Artist”, and saving Original Art from being forgotten or even worst fate of getting discarded to the trash.

Art is a driving force in what feeds our souls, it inspires our deepest emotions, and creates photos to worlds we see in our dreams.

Art is an important part of our every daily lives, and it should be made a priority in education.

It is in ignorance that some people end up rerouting young Artists in their pursuit of an Art education and career goals, thinking they couldn’t possibly make a living creating Art.

When in reality, Artists are not only needed to create paintings to be displayed in museums, or walls of our homes.It takes an Artist to create everything from your favorite website, car you drive, films and even advertisements of things you love.

Together we can Save The Art, encourage the young Artists and make re-homing Art an easy decision, because you know that original, one of a kind, work of Art you have decided to part with ,will be going to someone just like you, a fellow Art lover that can truly appreciate, love and respect the piece enough to never discard it.

Sincerest thanks for everything you do,

Jenna Adora Somar

JASADS Founder