Laredo Wellness and Aesthetics can perform a host of quick procedures to enhance the look and feel of your skin for a happier and more confident you. Our meticulously trained physicians want to help you become the best version of yourself.


Fractora by Inmode

Fractora takes the vampire facial to a different level. This is our signature face procedure. It involves microneedling with radiofrequency treatment to amplify the results of the vampire facial. When we add PRP to the Fractora, the results are significantly improved!

What Is Fractora “The Vampire Facial” and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma.)
The Fractora skin treatment uses radiofrequency a rejuvenation and resurfacing treatment that treat loose skin, improves definition, and reduce the appearance of scars, wrinkles and discolored skin tone.

How Does Fractora Works?

A handheld device with small pins creates tiny abrasions in the skin, sending heat below the surface to promote collagen production.
As we age, collagen and elastin become depleted in our skin causing lines, wrinkles and thin skin.
PRP is designed to reverse this: improve the texture and tone of the skin, helping it become progressively thicker, tighter and suppler.

What Areas Can Be Treated With Fractora?

It’s most commonly used on the face and neck, but body treatments can also include arms, abdomen, thighs, and other areas.


RF (Radio Frequency) energy heats the deep layers of the skin in a controlled way to revitalize the collagen. Fractora treatment will improve skin complexion and texture for a more beautiful and youthful looking.

How Soon Can I See Results for Fractora Treatment or Fractora with PRP?

After two weeks the most noticeable results appear. Improvements continue up to three months after treatment.

How Many Treatments Do I need?

For best results a minimum of 3 session.


This is the time for RR (rest and recuperation) we advise for our patients to stay away from make up for 2 to 3 days. That way their skin can fully heal and the collagen regenerates the proper way.

Post Procedure of Fractora with PRP
Patients should expect to see micro lesions a few days after treatment and slight redness for up to 1 week depending on treatment parameters.


Patients should moisturize the treated area 6or more times a day and avoid direct sun exposure. It is recommended that the patient uses a good, broad spectrum sunscreen every day. In addition sunscreen also reduces wrinkles and slow the aging process.

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Forma by Inmode

The Forma is our body contouring procedure. It can be used in multiple places on the body and it is radiofrequency. It is used to tighten loose skin tone and improve texture and irregularities. It can be used on the face, neck, abdomen, the love handles to name a few places


Forma uses radio-frequency technology to provide optimal skin contraction in the deep layers of your skin. Radio-frequency energy will stimulate the formation of new collagen and improve skin elasticity for long-lasting improvement.


Forma was developed based on the clinical success of the proprietary A.C.E. (Acquire, Control, Extend) technology. A.C.E. technology uses radio-frequency energy to target deep layers of the skin, with no area being under or over treated. This ensures maximum and consistent results.


Forma is suitable for all skin types and is appropriate for individuals seeking a non-invasive and a natural looking approach to improvements in skin tone and texture irregularities. Patients have reported that their skin feels smoother and more defined, and a reduction in wrinkles.


Forma can be used on both the face and body. Commonly treated areas on the face include: forehead, crows feet, upper eyelids, lower eyelids, nasolabial folds, jowls, smile lines and neck. On the body, popular treatments consist of the arms (bat wings), abdomen and other areas that may need contraction.


Forma is an essentially painless procedure with no downtime due to its precise technology and deep-layer targeting of the skin. Slight redness in the treatment area is common post-procedure, which subsides within a few hours.


It is recommended that weekly sessions are performed over a six-week period. Individuals with mild laxity may be treated in fewer sessions with more weeks between each treatment. Scheduling should be based on a medical pre evaluation.


Yes, Forma can be used in combination with most other laser treatments, facials, injectables and/or filler. Please speak to your aesthetic provider when considering combining Forma with other treatments.



Natural aging and a lifetime of involuntary facial muscle movements contribute to the formation of wrinkles, creases and lines that can make you look angry, tired or older than you feel. Although aging may be inevitable, Laredo Wellness & Aesthetics offers, non-surgical treatments that combat the most noticeable and frustrating facial imperfections.


BOTOX® is designed to soften wrinkles caused by continual frowning, squinting and furrowing of the brows. Your facial muscles move when you make certain expressions and over time, this muscle movement creates wrinkles where the skin folds together. BOTOX® works by blocking signals from the nerves to the muscles. When the injected muscle is unable to contract, wrinkles relax and soften. BOTOX® is also FDA-approved for the treatment of severe underarm sweating. This is an attractive option in a warm climate like ours.

What Issues Can BOTOX® Injections Address?

Targeted injections of BOTOX® into facial tissue can temporarily interrupt the nerve signals to nearby muscles. By diminishing muscle activity, BOTOX® can correct fine lines and deep-set wrinkles.

With this amazingly effective and diverse treatment option, offered at Laredo Wellness & Aesthetics, BOTOX® Cosmetic can help temporarily erase and eliminate:

  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Frown lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • Horizontal forehead lines
  • Vertical lip lines
  • Bunny lines
  • Downturned corners of the mouth
  • Gummy Smile
  • Facial asymmetry
  • Wrinkling on the neck
  • Chin dimpling
  • Poor jawline definition
  • Masseter hypertrophy
  • Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)

How Long Does BOTOX® Last?

In most cases, the results of BOTOX® injections will last up to three to four months. Every patient is different, however, the accurate length of time your results will last depends on certain factors:

  • Amount of BOTOX® used: Generally, the more units of BOTOX® that are injected into a region, the longer the results will last.
  • Muscle strength: If you have very strong facial muscles in a certain area, they may be more resistant to the paralyzing function of the treatment. As a result, more BOTOX® may be required to achieve the same duration of results.
  • Follow up treatment: With follow-up BOTOX® injection treatments at Laredo Wellness & Aesthetics, it is possible for your results to last longer than the average three to four months. Some patients can enjoy results for up to six to eight months with consistent follow-up appointments.

Your Initial BOTOX® Consultation

During your aesthetic consultation at Laredo Wellness & Aesthetics, Dr. Liz Millan will perform a comprehensive facial examination that thoroughly evaluates the shape of your face, the presence of wrinkles and lines as well as the overall texture of your skin. Dr. Millan will discuss your facial evaluation with you in front of a mirror and determine the role of BOTOX® Cosmetic in your treatment.

A key component of this examination is confirming that the wrinkles of concern are the result of muscle activity and not volume loss or other issues. Depending on the nature of your wrinkles, Dr. Millan may suggest other modalities of treatment, such as dermal fillers.

Alternatives To BOTOX®

Dr. Millan strives to meet the unique needs of every patient. This dedication to individualized care includes a variety of treatment options to meet the specific needs and preferences of each patient who visits. During your consultation, Dr. Millan will thoroughly explain all of your options to help you make an informed decision about your care.

Am I A Good Candidate For BOTOX®?

Like any other cosmetic procedure, you must meet certain requirements in order to undergo BOTOX® treatment. At Laredo Wellness & Aesthetics, we consider you an ideal candidate for BOTOX® injections if you:

  • Are at least 18 years old
  • Are not pregnant or nursing at the time of your treatment
  • Are free of any known allergies to BOTOX®

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons estimates that 57 percent all BOTOX® patients are between the ages of 40 and 54. Twenty-three percent of recipients were 55 years of age or older, while people between 30 and 39-years old made up 18 percent. Only 1 percent of these patients were between the ages of 20-29.

Not all patients between 20-29 years of age will benefit from BOTOX®, but some may find value in its ability to prevent the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. Early injections may also make it possible to reduce the frequency of injections needed later in life.

How Much Does BOTOX® Cost?

The average patient may receive anywhere between 10-35 units of BOTOX®. This amount varies and depends greatly on how many areas you want to treat, as well as the strength of the muscles in the targeted areas. During your consultation at Laredo Wellness & Aesthetics, Dr. Liz Millan will discuss the number of units needed to match your specific goals and explain how much you can expect your treatment to cost.

Schedule Your BOTOX Consultation Today!

If you would like to learn if you are a good candidate for BOTOX® facial rejuvenation, please Laredo Wellness & Aesthetics today at (956) 717-0095 to schedule an aesthetic consultation with Dr. Liz Millan. We proudly welcome patients from Zapata Texas, Hebbronville Texas, and all surrounding areas.


Juvederm® Dermal Filler

Laredo Wellness & Aesthetics is proud to offer Juvederm® dermal fillers, a revolutionary dermal filler injectable. As we age, the thin skin of the face loses elasticity and slows in cellular turnover. In addition, a lifetime of expressions including laughing, smiling, squinting and frowning can leave profound creases and fine lines. With aging and harsh environmental factors, we naturally lose the fullness and plumpness of our youth, leaving less volume in the face and lips.

Treatment with Juvaderm enables patients to address and correct the following cosmetic problems related to aging and facial volume loss, including, but not limited to:

  • Vertical Lip Lines
  • Thin Lips
  • Lost facial Volume
  • Laugh Lines


Dermal fillers recondition lost skin volume, diminishing the appearance of creases and fine lines. By restoring volume and reducing fine lines, the face looks youthful and refreshed. Juvederm® injectable filler allows you to reduce fine lines and restore lost facial volume without altering your ability to achieve natural facial expressions.


  • Maintain natural facial expressions
  • Eliminate or decrease the appearance of minor, moderate or severe facial lines and wrinkles
  • Have a minimally invasive approach to age management
  • Restore lost volume to the checks or lips

Your Initial Dermal Fillers Consultation

During your aesthetic consultation at Laredo Wellness & Aesthetics, Dr. Liz Millan will perform a comprehensive facial examination that thoroughly evaluates the shape of your face, the presence of creases and fine lines as well as the overall volume of your face. Dr. Millan will discuss your facial evaluation with you in front of a mirror and determine the role of Juvaderm® in your treatment. Dr. Liz Millan strives to meet the unique needs of every patient. This dedication to individualized care includes a variety of treatment options to meet the specific needs and preferences of each patient who visits Laredo Wellness & Aesthetics. During your consultation, Dr. Millan will thoroughly explain all of your options to help you make an informed decision about your care.


Your JUVEDERM treatment will be performed in our office and typically takes no longer than 20 minutes, after which you can resume your normal daily activities.

After your treatment, you will be advised to avoid strenuous exercise, exposure to sun or heat, and consumption of alcoholic beverages. Potential temporary side effects of JUVEDERM include:  tenderness, swelling, redness, firmness, bruising, and bumps at the injection sites. These symptoms are generally mild to moderate in nature and resolve within 7 days.  Following your JUVEDERM injections you will be able to observe an immediate improvement in the volume and overall appearance of your skin in the treated areas. Although JUVEDERM offers long-lasting results after just one treatment, each patient metabolizes dermal fillers differently, and periodic maintenance treatments may be necessary to preserve and maintain optimal results.


We are excited to have the opportunity to contribute to that outcome.  If you are interested in discussing how Juvaderm Dermal Fillers can impact your physical appearance, please contact us at (956) 717-0095 to set up a free-consultation.


What is Micro Needling?

Microneedling is a Collagen Induction Therapy, a procedure that involves repeatedly puncturing the skin with tiny, sterile needles in order to promote the production of collagen in the skin. This is a non-invasive procedure in which a micro-needling device creates microscopic pricks on the numbed problematic skin area. Your body reacts as if the skin has been injured and begins the natural healing process to repair the skin by producing collagen and elastin in that area. This improves skin texture, reduces wrinkles, and minimizes fine lines.

What are the benefits of Microneedling?

There are numerous benefits received through use of Microneedling because new collagen production can reverse years of sun damage, improve the appearance of acne scars, stretch marks, and hyperpigmentation as well as enhance the overall appearance of aging skin.

What areas of the body can I treat?

Microneedling’s variable needle depth allows for versatility and therefore it can be used on many parts of the body, including the face, neck, décolleté, arms, hands, legs, abdomen and back.

Can Microneedling be used on all skin types?

Yes! In fact, this is a big advantage offered through Microneedling’s technology. Microneedling treatments can be performed on all skin colors and types.

Can I wear make-up immediately following a procedure?

Typically, patients can resume their normal makeup and skin care regimen 2-3 days following their Microneedling treatment. As this may vary based on the area and type of treatment performed, make sure to consult your aesthetician for their recommendation.