Join Us for the 2022 SMW Pink Walk to Benefit Mercy Clinic Breast Cancer Patients

Saturday, October
22, 2022 at 09:00 AM
Texas A&M
International University Campus


The Society of Martha Washington began in 1939 to include women and enhance Laredo’s premier event, The Washington’s Birthday celebration. The women chose to celebrate the 1st First Lady of our land, Martha Washington. The women added a spark of elegance and glamour to the annual celebration where Laredo’s debutante society commenced. Today’s “Marthas” include about 300 diverse, talented, and active women who enhance their community in countless ways.

The SMW is more than 80 years old and continues to foster American Patriotism in Laredo, Webb County and beyond by celebrating the “Father of our Country” and the woman who supported him during the American Revolution becoming the  “First Lady of the Land.”  Though George and Martha Washington may have characteristically shied away from any Grand Celebration, Laredoans honor their places in our nation with gusto annually.

Eligible locals are chosen each year to portray Martha and George Washington and The SMW presents their daughters and guests from across Texas and Mexico in a glittering colonial themed pageant. The girls and their escorts include scholars, athletes, artists and others who use their ‘debut’ year to celebrate and honor life.

The SMW funds a scholarship program providing selected high school students the opportunity to attend educational programs in Washington D.C. This experience allows students to enrich their patriotism by experiencing history and political science on a real time adventure in our nation’s capital.

The Sons and Daughters of Liberty are an SMW living history troupe that visits schools and bring revolutionary history to life. The cast includes Laredo’s George & Martha Washington each year with a supporting cast of locals portraying Betsy Ross, Benjamin Franklin, a typical farmer’s wife and others who bring life in 1775 alive to children

This year, the SMW proudly adds a new civic event to the calendar – the inaugural SMW Pink Walk. This event is to raise awareness about breast cancer and will provide needed funds to local patients undergoing treatment. All benefits of the Pink Walk will benefit patients of Mercy Clinic.


SMW Pink Walk
SMW Pink Walk
SMW History
SMW History

Mercy Ministries of Laredo

Mercy Ministries of Laredo provides primary healthcare services to the neediest residents of Webb County who are looking for healthcare. Patients are coached to become advocates of their own health. Mercy is not a free clinic. Patients make co-pays for their services based on the outcome of their financial screening. Ninety nine percent of our patients are uninsured and fall below federal poverty guidelines. We believe in providing mercy to all.

Mercy Ministries has helped many women through their battle with breast cancer. In fact...

Mercy Clinic administers approximately 1100 annual women's wellness exams each year.

Mercy Clinic has helped treat 41 breast cancer patients over the years

Wondering how much the treatment at mercy clinic cost?

Mercy Clinic Breast Cancer Statistics

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